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1625 Independent People


Our overarching objective is to keep young people at the heart of what we do.

To create a world where all young people have a safe place and trusted adults to turn to and can access the opportunities they need.

To prevent homelessness, keep young people safe and support them to be the best they can be.


Prevention of homelessness

Supporting vulnerable young people to succeed in life

To create positive relationships

Partnerships – we are tireless in our partnership work across all sectors to make sure young people have a voice and get the support and opportunities they need and deserve


Working with Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children

 In response to the growing crisis and demand, 1625ip have undertaken a key role in the provision of ongoing direct support for UASC young people, which has been both inspiring and humbling.

These young people come with little information, virtually no possessions nor links to the area. Our work involves helping them to adjust to their new environment, support with the basics including accommodation, accessing English language courses and health care, and understanding complex legal processes. We also support them to access their community including local groups and 1625ip’s participation activities which provide opportunities to engage with other young people and build friendships.

Mohammed is a 17 year old, who escaped tribal and government conflict in his homeland, abduction, separation from his family, imprisonment, torture, and the perilous journey from Northern Africa, across Europe, via the Jungle, to the UK.

After intensive support, Mohammed is now in full time education, confident to travel independently, and making new friends all the time. He has regular contact with his family back home, happy in the knowledge they are now safe too. Mohammed is also assisting two newer UASC young people to manage the transition to their new home.


The Future 4 Me Project

This is a Big Lottery funded project that provides specialist support to young people who have been in care or custody. Future 4 Me focuses on building positive relationships with young people so that they can increase their levels of stability and improve their well-being.

Yasim (Not his real name) had been in care and then served custodial sentence following a serious offence, he left custody at high risk of re-offending and was experiencing problematic drug use. Yasim had a poor history of engagement with services, even with services that could clearly have benefited him. Future 4 Me worked creatively to develop a positive relationship with Yasim and offered him flexible support, Yasim was motivated to make positive changes in his life but didn’t know where to start.

Future 4 Me worked intensively with Yasim and supported him to secure and then maintain accommodation, helping him avoid eviction and homelessness at particular stages of his involvement. The project worker supported Yasim to access healthcare, housing and benefits agencies, and he was supported to secure paid employment within 7 months of his involvement with the project.

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