CVS South Gloucestershire

CVS South Gloucestershire

CVS stands for Community and Voluntary Services. We believe that every voluntary, community and social enterprise organisation should be valued, understood & well run with opportunities to evolve and grow.

What do we do?

At CVS South Gloucestershire Community and Voluntary Services, we support our local charities, voluntary groups, and social enterprises to build a stronger community.  We work to empower local people to come together and take collective action that provides solutions to meet common problems by:

  • Working with communities to find and deliver their own solutions
  • Providing high quality support services to develop the capability and capacity of local voluntary and community organisations
  • Enabling communities to have a strong voice locally and further afield
  • Supporting communities and voluntary and community groups to come together to share knowledge and spread expertise
  • Supporting the development of leadership in our communities
  • Promoting Active Citizenship across South Gloucestershire


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Our Services

Find out more about the services and support CVS South Gloucestershire provide to helping local communities and voluntary and community organisations.


There are many people involved in running CVS South Gloucestershire, from Trustees to staff to Associates and partners and volunteers. Find out more.

Popular Services

The most popular elements of our services we provide include our advice on funding, jobs and volunteering opportunities


The funding arena is changing all of the time. This can range from applying for charity funds to developing a funding strategy


We provide regular updates on the jobs which are becoming available in the area. You can apply as well as place your job advert on this website.

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to use your skills and gain new ones to all of our wonderful causes.

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