CVS South Gloucestershire


The Trustees are responsible for the organisation’s governance and its strategic direction. Trustees are elected by our members at our AGM and serve for three years. Meetings are held on a quarterly basis.

We are currently recruiting for a permanent Chair of Trustees. This role is vital in driving our work and ensuring we advocate the needs of the VCSE sector of South Gloucestershire. If you are interested in the role or would like further information, please contact our Connections Officer, Hannah Hulbert at 

Our other trustees are:

  • Sue Parsons, Winterbourne Medieval Barn, current Interim Chair

Sue retired in 2013 having spent 40 years in the electricity generation and nuclear decommissioning industry as a Management Accountant and Programme Manager. Since 2013, she has been involved in several charities. She is a Trustee of Cotswold Archaeology, and the Gloucestershire County History Trust. Her extensive work also involves being a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. She served as a Member of Council standing down in 2016 but still works as a Membership Assessor for the Institute.  


She is also a Member of the Association of Project Management and Chair of the Trustees of the Winterbourne Medieval Barn Trust, having been heavily involved in the National Heritage Lottery Funded refurbishment project which was completed in 2020. 


  • Jamie Gill, Partnerships Director of 1625 Independent People

Jamie has 27 years of experience delivering, developing and managing services for care leavers, young people who offend and young homeless people. He led Priority Youth Housing in South Gloucestershire between 2000 and 2009, before being appointed as Service Improvement Director and then Partnership Director for 1625 Independent People. 


Jamie’s current role includes developing new services, approaches and partnerships in response to young people’s strengths and needs, working in partnership with other organisations in the public, voluntary, education and business sectors. He has initiated a range of innovative services and approaches for care leavers and young people who offend, including the award-winning Future 4 Me project and more recently Reboot West. 


Jamie contributes to a range of groups in the region, including Chairing South Gloucestershire’s Youth Housing Partnership. Previously Jamie was a Board Member of Merlin Housing Society. 


  • Amanda Robbins, Locality Manager, Bromford

Amanda has extensive experience in the housing sector and is currently the Locality Manger for Bromford. In this role she leads a team of neighbourhood coaches who support Bromford customers to thrive in their homes and communities.  
Within her role she leads from a customer presence on New homes, Investment, Compliance, Community Safety & Empty home management. She is also a Safeguarding & Domestic Abuse champion and represents Bromford at a variety of multi-agency meetings and she is passionate about keeping this at the forefront of conversations within the West of England area. 


  • Mark Crutchley, Chief Executive of The Circadian Trust

Mark has been CEO of Circadian Trust since 2006. Circadian Trust runs 5 large leisure centres in South Gloucestershire in partnership with South Gloucestershire Council. The company is a registered charity, probably the largest based solely in South Gloucestershire with over 2. 25 million customer visits each year and 500 staff employed.  


He has over 35 years of experience in the leisure and 25 years in the charity sectors having previously been CEO of a large Trust in Yorkshire and also a Trustee of many Charities including those in the leisure, education, and community sectors.


  • Deborah Gee, Finance Director of Creative Youth Network – Treasurer

Deborah is currently Head of Central Services at Creative Youth Network, based in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Her previous experience includes working in similar senior management roles across Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Bath within the housing and charity sectors, both as a paid member of staff and voluntary committee member/trustee.  


She is Committed to the ethos of working within the not-for-profit sector to effect change, equality and diversity. She is committed to advocating for the promotion of the voice of young people and those who may be vulnerable or disengaged to decision makers and funders. She has a particular keen personal interest in promoting awareness and support for females with Autism, as her daughter was incorrectly diagnosed as a child and young person, only receiving a correct diagnosis shortly before her 18th birthday.  


  • Berkeley Wilde, Director of The Diversity Trust

Berkeley has been working as an Equality, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultant, researcher and trainer for nearly three decades. He is the Founder and CEO of the Diversity Trust. He is passionate about community cohesion and community development, empowerment and leadership, as well as social change.  


He works as a strategic partner with hate crime victim support services in Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset and South Gloucestershire with Stand Against Racism and Inequality (SARI). He has also worked with Next Link, Missing Link, Safe Link and Safe Lives on improving access to domestic violence and abuse services. He has supported the substance misuse sector in developing equality, diversity and inclusion solutions with substance misuse services, including the development of an Equality Standard. He has written research reports which influenced Health and Wellbeing Strategies and Joint Strategic Needs Assessments. 


He has a background working in health inequalities, mental health, substance misuse, domestic violence and abuse and youth work. He has worked with national charities including Mind, Relate and the Terrence Higgins Trust. He has led a research project into access to primary care services for the Department of Health. He has also worked on projects for the Home Office, including on a Domestic Homicide Review and a Government Scrutiny Panel. He has worked internationally with non-governmental organisations based in Brussels, with the European Union and European Parliament, on tackling health inequalities. 

  • Jay Gregg-Harris, Youth and Community Worker for The Diversity Trust
He has worked internationally with non-governmental organisations based in Brussels, with the European Union and European Parliament, on tackling health inequalities. Jay is inspired by a powerful quote they came across on their degree course: ‘Be the person you needed when you were younger’. This guides their youth work practice.

Part of Jay’s degree course involved a placement to develop their youth and community skills in a real-life setting. This was where their engagement with the LGBT+ youth work started. Growing up, Jay wished that they had had access to a specialised provision for LGBT+ young people, as they feel that this would have had a positive benefit on them in their formative years. Determined that other young people should not have to miss out on this service in the way that they did, they set about developing a specialist provision through their placement. Initially, Jay did this as a placement student but, having managed to secure some funding, they were then able to do it on a paid basis.

Jay also realised that there is only limited LGBT+ youth work training built into the youth and community work curriculum. This is another area that they would like to see addressed to ensure that LGBT+ young people will be offered services that meet their needs (including a safe space) by having aware and empathetic youth workers supporting them. They also advocate that young people should have more input into shaping youth worker training, by asking them what they would like from their youth workers, as the service is designed for them. Jay has worked on various youth work projects from the Newport Community Youth Project, a multi-funded initiative, with various different youth work strands, such as girls, marginalised groups, mainstream youth work and then the LGBT+ provision which they founded.

In 2021, they joined the Alphabets youth project, based in Yate, for a period. This involved working with their LGBT+ provision and delivering LBGT+ awareness workshops in schools. They also support the Diversity Trust’s CEO, Berkeley Wilde, on Voice and Influence projects.


If you would like more information on the role and responsibility of a trustee, how to become a trustee, or you are a trustee and would like support and advice please call CVS South Gloucestershire on 01454 865205 or email