CVS South Gloucestershire


We have developed a way of working that brings a wealth of skill and expertise to help organisations and groups in the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in South Gloucestershire to evolve and grow.

Our small staff team provides our standard support services and this can be further enhanced by our network of Associates bring together a number of professionals with a wide range of skill and expertise.   

Our small dedicated staff team comprises of:

  • Chief Executive Officer, Steve Curry
  • Finance Officer, Jackie Lawton
  • Connections Officer, Hannah Hulbert 
  • Business Support Officer, Lisa Searle 

Steve Curry – Chief Executive Officer

Steve has worked in the private sector as General Manager; in the public sector at Inland Revenue and in VCSE policy development and, since 2003, in the VCSE sector in development roles with a focus on support and collaboration with other organisations. Bringing  a wealth of Trustee/Board experience he now Chairs a CVS in South Wales and acts as Company Secretary to a community Development Trust, as well as fitting-in some private consultancy work in his ‘spare-time’.  

Passionate about the growth, development and integration of the voluntary sector with mainstream public services and the growth of social and community enterprise, Steve is committed to help create a thriving voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.

Contact Steve: 01454 865205 or

Jackie Lawton – Finance Officer

Jackie has worked directly in finance and administration roles for 15 years, and joined CVS South Gloucestershire in June 2013. In July 2015 she successfully completed her Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) Qualification

Her areas of responsibility are Managing Finances for CVS and for CVS Delivery Partners

Contact Jackie: 01454 865205 or

Hannah Hulbert – Connections Officer 

Hannah has been involved in the VCSE sector throughout the duration of her studies and has continued this passion following completion of them. Having volunteered for a variety of organisations, she is passionate about the work of VCSE organisations and wants to support them in maximising their true potential. 

Hannah is keen to work closely with local VCSE organisations, to understand their experiences and needs. She wants to use this insight to inform future strategic work of CVS South Gloucestershire in supporting local VCSE organisations to reach their full capabilities. 

Contact Hannah: