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Our mission is to support and make a real difference to the lives of those who have experienced any form of sexual abuse through specialist services, helping them to recover safely and develop resilience and independent living.

Our aims:

Supporting victims of any form of sexual violence (Childhood sexual abuse, childhood sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape)

Supporting vulnerable individuals

Reducing Isolation and loneliness

Improving health and well-being

Partnerships with businesses and agencies in raising awareness of mental health and sexual abuse

Enabling a safe and supportive environment for staff, volunteers and clients


Kinergy is a specialist counselling agency offering support for survivors of sexual abuse and sexual violence. We provide trauma informed counselling and group therapy in the Bristol, South Gloucestershire, BANES and North Somerset area. We also offer a support group for survivors and their family /friends/ partner to meet with other individuals as the impact of abuse can be so isolating.

Kinergy is an inclusive charity offering support to all genders, 16 years and above, regardless of race or sexuality, and including those within the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic [BAME] and LGBTQ+ communities. Kinergy understands how sexual abuse and sexual violence can affect all areas of your life and we aim to provide you with a safe, accepting and supportive environment so you can come to terms with the past, enjoy the present and look forward to the future.

Kinergy offers:

Trauma informed counselling: 24 sessions

Group Therapy: 12 sessions

Support groups: Once a month



Sara’s Story

Sara is a student in her twenties and came to Kinergy because she was sexually abused by her father and mother. Sara had been experiencing flashbacks and images of sexual abuse. She recognised that she has large gaps in her childhood memories, and no specific memories of the abuse. Sara was uncertain whether to trust these flashbacks, however, she wanted to explore the memories and images. The flashbacks she experienced were very intense and visual and often trigger periods of dissociation.

She also wanted to explore her identity, and emotional and relationship needs, as well as self-care so that she can have relationships with others without sacrificing her boundaries with her family and friends.

Through her experience of counselling, Sara is feeling more autonomous, and has learnt to validate herself rather than seeking validation through others. She is using what she has learnt about herself to create boundaries with others and she has started to recognise her triggers and how she is affected, by increasing self-awareness of her thought processes.

In this video, Donal and Julia discuss the importance of our service and the courage it can take to access the service:



Social Value Contact: Donal Carmody
Tel: 0117 908 7712