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Mamas Bristol CIC

Aim and mission

To enhance the lives of those in our communities and their families.

By helping and creating opportunities to reduce the costs of caring for dependants. To reduce waste and encourage the reuse of items, enabling families to live in a more sustainable and environmentally responsible way. To provide opportunities to bring people together creating an inclusive community spirit thus reducing social isolation.

Our Vision

Mamas Bristol CIC was formed based on a community of families helping each other.

Mamas Bristol CIC have high and achievable goals which we are certain will ensure sustainable, long term success. We aim to be a vital team and network in communities right across Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Strategic Priorities

Mamas Bristol currently have in excess of 20,000 people who have membership within our community. In 2020, we estimate that our platform helped save £850,000+ of items and food from landfill.

–       To provide the community with a safe platform and access to community aid support.

–       To support and encourage professional support channels, increasing awareness.

–       Providing a peer support network bridging the gap between people and organisations.

–       Promoting opportunities to save money & reduce waste

–       To tackle social isolation by providing opportunities to bring people together.


Case Studies

Case Study 1: Covid-19 Response “Mamas Mealboxes”

During the pandemic we responded in many different ways to the crisis we saw in front of our eyes. Mamas Mealboxes was a project that began by meeting the needs of the community. We also aimed to increase knowledge of budgeting, feed a family for less and provide them with recipe cards, fresh and staple items that included at least 9 meals suitable for a family of 4-5 people.

“The box helped us reduce food expenses, in a difficult time for my family, a pregnancy in a pandemic, we both stopped working out of fear for several months, and we began to lose control of finances, debts began, and my husband had than going back to work, the box helped financially and helped our spirits because for the first time in a long time we did not feel alone, we felt that someone was there for us” – Family 1 Quote.

“Children were excited to be able to help plan meals and we just loved that we had a selection of food, also personally for me, it took away the worry of where our next meal comes from” – Family 2 Quote.

Over the course of 5 weeks, we were able to support 150 families.

“ I’m simply thanking you all for your tremendous amount of support you give to our community. I’ve lived in Patchway my whole life. And never seen everyone come together like this in all my life and that’s because of you guys. You bring the spirit into our tiny little town and bring happiness and more importantly hope to those who need it. Your true angels. What you set out and smashed to do during the 3 month Lockdown was incredible. That I will never forget for the rest of my life. Will always be a huge memory for me to see during those horrid moments.”

Case Study 2: Our Community

We pride ourselves on inclusivity, never having a criterion to meet to be eligible to receive support from our organisation. Some of our member’s feedback has been incredible and can be seen in the quotes below:

“I’ve been a member of Mamas Bristol for over a year, and I love the community feel. Today so many of us are so busy and insular in our family unit, that the sense of community, neighbourly friendship and support is lost. That is what mamas gives me. I love that no matter what your background there is never any judgement. You give, you receive, ask for help, give guidance and support. It matters not you circumstances; you always know there are like minded women there to have your back should you need.

Every city needs a Mamas group” Faye.

“Without the Mamas group I would not have been able to provide my children with some of the basic needs while we were struggling financially after losing my mum and having to move house. I love how the group has no judgement on a person’s circumstances and how amazing and helpful everyone is.” Lauren.

“Every day this group amazes me! From helping desperate families with nothing supplying them with clothes furniture and not forgetting chocolate to equipping school children with everything they need for a new academic year not forgetting pamper and gin nights This group of girls work tirelessly to help the mamas community and their local people despite their own families jobs and university courses. Their efforts making over 5000 meals for people affected by the pandemic was just awesome. I am a mum who struggles with my mental health and anxiety, and I know I could rely on them if I ever needed to which speaks volumes. This site is a real platform for any mum I recommend it to all my friends and people I know who are about to become parents” Linsay.

Social Value Contact

Name: Paige Josham, Executive Director