CVS South Gloucestershire

Aim and Mission

To provide free mentoring, support and counselling to young people in our community. To enhance and promote positive well-being and mental health. To raise young people’s aspirations. To assist and provide support to parents.

Strategic Priorities

Young people (11-18 yrs) and their families in our community

Case Studies

“I was in a really dark place, feeling depressed and anxious all the time.  Talking things through with my PHASE Mentor helped take it all out of my head and the darkness disappeared.  I still feel low sometimes but I’ve stopped self harming and I’ve learned how to help myself when I feel bad.”  (Year 11 Student)


“Before I had a PHASE mentor I was an emotional roller coaster and not able to control my emotions so I made bad decisions with drugs.  My Mentor has helped me learn to cope with difficult feelings and I’m now making better choices and feeling much happier.”  (Year 10 Student)

Social Value Contact

Name: Marie Isles – Operations Manager

please can you use the link for our website


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