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The South Gloucestershire Disability Equality Network (SGDEN) works to improve the lives of disabled people in South Gloucestershire by promoting equality, creating opportunities and by supporting, empowering and representing disabled people.

Our aims are:

Promote equality for disabled people, their families and carers

Raise awareness of the issues and barriers to participation and equal opportunity facing disabled people with a view to their remedy and removal

Increase participation and involvement of disabled people in public life

Promote the understanding, adoption and implementation of the social model of disability



Influence: We work to influence South Gloucestershire Council, health services and other public bodies to help them to develop services which are fully accessible to disabled people.

Voice: We bring together local disabled people and the organisations who work with them to speak out collectively about what will improve lives.

Support: We provide services and events useful to disabled people through events, open meetings, newsletters and work with other local organisations.



Can’t Wait scheme

Can’t Wait is a scheme run by SGDEN with assistance from South Glos Council to encourage businesses to make their toilets available to disabled people with an urgent need.

We created a local, credit card-sized ‘Can’t Wait’ Card, for individuals to show to businesses, with a request to allow them to use staff or non-public toilets, or to use customer toilets without purchasing anything.

The card can be used for all impairments which would necessitate quick, discreet access to toilets. This includes “invisible” disabilities and conditions.

Some quotes from those who have requested the card:
“Sometimes our lives have been blighted by the lack of available toilets. What a splendid scheme.”

“This is such a good idea as I do feel limited to where I can go a lot of the time, so I end up not going out because of the problem.”

“I think this is a good scheme, especially since so many public conveniences have been closed.”

We would encourage any businesses who are interested in signing up to get in touch with us.


Information & support events

One of our two most recent events have been a practical session on the changes which are coming with the introduction of Universal Credit, how it will impact disabled people, and giving information about how to get help.

The other was a session aimed at people in the community who might have contact with isolated people (e.g. pharmacists, church members, post office workers) to aim to help them know how they can approach the situation and what they can do to help. We will be continuing to distribute information on this theme alongside information about how businesses and venues can be more accessible.

“Another well organised event!”
“Great event most informative”
“Various brilliant schemes we can access and the tools we can use”



Website: Email:  Tel. 07342 993166

Social Value Contact: Sophie Wainwright