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We believe disabled people are entitled to the same choice and control over their lives that others take for granted.

Our guidance and services help disabled people to live independently.


Promoting the personal and physical health and the mental and emotional well-being of disabled people.

Tackling social isolation by providing opportunities to reconnect people with activities in their local communities and offering initiatives that support social or physical activities such as Peer Support for adults and a range of services for CYP.

Supporting disabled people into employment.

Supporting disabled people to use the care system to achieve independence.

Supporting businesses and other organisations to totally include disabled people in their employment practices and service delivery.


Aaron completed Working Together, Course 1, at Junction 3 Library. He worked hard on all tasks during the sessions and completed additional homework in between each session such as working further on his CV, cover letters and job applications. His confidence visibly grew over the duration of the course – for instance, he didn’t speak a lot in the first session and by the last session stood up and gave a speech to the group about the ways in which he felt the course had helped him. He also spoke glowingly about the course to Henry Smith Foundation funders at a meeting held at the Vassal Centre that he had prepared a speech for. He exchanged telephone numbers with two group members prior to the last session and was planning on meeting up with them for a drink. During the last session he received the contact details of the entire group and all agreed they would like to meet again.


Aaron applied for a voluntary position teaching Boccia at his old school during the course which he began. He also spoke to a group of GPs about having Cerebal Palsy to raise awareness. He continues to volunteer for WECIL working on posters and leaflet design. He applied for a role that he found during our job search session and completed a cover letter for it using the STAR technique that we had practiced (Situation, Task, Action, Result). He applied this successfully to a mock interview session that he did with Avon and Somerset police and received feedback to help him go forward. He fully engaged with this process including dressing smartly for it.

In his own words Aaron said:

“I have expanded my friendship circle and connections. I have also enhance[d] my understanding and knowledge of disabilities and conditions. The more people I meet and the more disabilities and conditions I come into contact with the more I become very open-minded.

I have learnt some new techniques when it comes to group discussions and meeting new people…I took the games mechanics and concepts and applied it to [a] situation which made me feel more comfortable and relaxed [and]… which in turn also made the people [I was with] feel more comfortable when talking to me. Thanks to this course I produc[ed] a high quality and professional CV [and]… participated in a 2-week interview process with [Avon and] Somerset police. In the first week we learnt about a word star (situation task action result). I applied this method when it came to the mock interview. I will be applying this technique in future interviews and situations when applicable. Having the… police be a part of the interview process… did justice to what a real interview is like. The whole atmosphere changed. I learnt about professionalism when attending an interview. Overall this course has enhanced my knowledge and understanding. It has also demonstrated the importance of what life is like – it is not all sunshine and rainbows – it’s all about hard work and dedication to succeed in our career paths.”

Duke of Edinburgh – WECIL supports hundreds of young disabled people each year to develop new skills, engage and campaign for changes that they want to see, gain confidence and take part in activities that they are often excluded from.


Last year WECIL were proud to support 12 young people to complete the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. The experience proved to be a great development for participants, gaining confidence, new skills and opportunities that would have otherwise not been available.

“I wanted to do DofE because I can make new friends to teach me how to cook and build up my confidence. I’ve been exploring before but I haven’t done it in a while. If it wasn’t for the WECIL I wouldn’t have heard about DofE at all and had this opportunity. I wouldn’t have been able to DofE with my school because of my specific needs. My dad wouldn’t have thought I would be safe to do DofE with my school, but he feels I’m safe with WECIL and their staff “– LB (Physical Impairment and Learning Difficulty)




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